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Local Laws

These Are The Local Laws Governing Gas Work in NYC

The Local Laws: Programs

Local Law 150

Local Law 150 of 2016 falls within DOB's jurisdiction and will require as of January 1, 2020 a DOB-issued "gas qualification" to complete work on building gas piping systems within the Department’s jurisdiction.  The law provides for exceptions: if you are a licensed master plumber or a DOB-registered journeyman by January 1, 2019, you automatically hold “gas qualification” for purposes of building gas piping systems.

Local Law 152

Local Law 152 of 2016 requires periodic inspections of “building gas piping systems” beginning January 1, 2019.  These inspections fall within the jurisdiction of the New York City Department of Buildings (“DOB”) and applies to building gas piping systems, other than gas piping systems of buildings classified in occupancy group R-3.

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